Lands 20m NW of 29 Woodgrange Road Downpatrick

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Lands 20m NW of 29 Woodgrange Road  Downpatrick
Location : Downpatrick
Application Reference Number : LA07/2018/0229/F
Application Reference : LA07/2018/0229/F
Reference : This permission is granted solely as a substitute for the permission for 2 dwellings previously granted on the site under ref. LA07/2015/1139/O on the 4th May 2016 and only one dwelling shall be constructed on site. Reason: To ensure that only one dwelling is constructed on the site in accordance with the Councils policies.
Planning Proposal : Infill dwelling with detached garage and associated hard and soft landscaping in substitute of previous planning approval (LA07/2015/1139/O)
Planning Location : Lands 20m NW of 29 Woodgrange Road Downpatrick
Address line 1 : 19A Drumcullen Road
Address line 2 : : Downpatrick
Postcode : BT308HZ
keyval : P41FDASV30000
Type Code : F
App Status : 16_HOLD
Agent Name : BGA Architects LTD
Date App Received : 12/02/2018
deccodedesc : Permission Granted
decision_date1 : 06/07/2018 00:00:00
04/07/2018 00:00:00:

The onus is on the householder/developer to find out if there is existing water and sewer infrastructure within their property. It is an offence under Article 236 of the Water and Sewerage Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 to build over or near watermains sewers pipes and associated works owned and maintained by Northern Ireland Water unless with the prior consent by NI Water. House owners and developers should obtain details of existing infrastructure from NI Water by requesting a copy of the water and sewer records. Copies of our records are supplied under Articles 257 and 258 of the 2006 Order. There is a nominal charge for this service. Where existing water and sewer infrastructure is located within a property and proposed development of the site interferes with the public watermains sewers and associated works the householder/developer may make a Notice under Article 247 of the 2006 Order to have the public infrastructure diverted realigned. Each diversion and realignment request is considered on its own merits and approval is at the discretion of NI Water. The applicant is required to meet any financial conditions for realignment or diversion of the water and sewer infrastructure including full costs company overheads etc. It is the responsibility of the house builder/builder/developer to establish if existing public watermains foul/storm sewers together with appropriate waste water treatment facilities have adequate capacity to serve the proposal. To establish how best any development may be served by existing public water and sewerage infrastructure a Pre Development Enquiry (PDE) would require to be submitted. There is a charge for this service. If your proposed development is not near a public watermain foul sewer or surface water sewer and you cannot discharge your surface water to a natural watercourse you may wish to consider making a requisition Notice asking NI Water to extend the public watermain or foul/storm sewer system to service your development. This can be done by requisitioning a watermain under Article 76 of the 2006 Order and sewers under Article 154 of the 2006 Order. House builders and developers may have to contribute to the cost of extending watermains and sewers. Septic Tank emptying. The applicant must provide a hard standing area with a 3.5m wide access capable of supporting the weight of a sludge tanker within 30 metres of the septic tank. If you wish to find out more about what you can or cannot do if there is existing water or sewer infrastructure in over or under your property or you want to find out how your proposed development can be serviced contact NI Water staff on the Developers Services Business Line 08458770002 and ask for the Developers Services Co-Ordination Team.

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