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If you are planning to construct a property in the UK, you will require planning permission. If you are intending to construct an extension as well as get additional modifications to your current residence, you might need planning permission. Certain minor extensions or conservatories don’t require planning permission however, you need to make sure of this prior to starting building.

Your local planning authority should be able to help you concerning this as well as inform you the best way to apply plus providing you with basic assistance with the application. Your local planning authority are likewise in a position to inform you whether or not your current plans will abide by the Development Strategy for your location.
Varieties of Planning Permission

You will discover a few varieties of planning permission. This includes full permission, outline permission in addition to planning consent on outline approval. The commonest variety is permission, also known as full planning permission.

Nevertheless, if you wish to check if the local planning authority consents in theory for you developing a property within a specific location and / or constructing a large extension, you could possibly make application for outline planning permission, that can call for you to generate just the plans as well as facts which are essential to allow the local planning authority to come to a decision in terms of the actual positioning, design or any other plans with regard to the building.